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Wood worker, creator of furniture in motion

A coffee table welcoming you to relax.
A bench inviting you to escape on a flying carpet.
A shelf curling around chosen objects.
With his unique fluid style, the furniture maker Kino Guérin achieves the fusion of the work of art and the utility object. Discover his creations through the catalog. They were made to put joy in your environment.


See what Kino Guérin can create with his vacuum press rolling process! Note the variety of wood essences selected for the veneer inserts on his furniture: Douglas fir, smoked oak, walnut burl, sweet gum, cedar, apple, cherry, quilted maple … the variety of colors and textures is impressive! You can also opt for a gold or aluminum foil finish!

“Very creative, clients love it and it was a snap to install”

-James Foster


“My clients loved the bookshelf, it was beautifully made and the enclosed template made it easy to install.”

-John Makos 


“We LOVE our Crocus Table from Kino Guerin! We loved the design, but wanted a custom wood. Kino was so generous to offer many special options and made us a custom table in bird’s eye maple for only a small additional charge. It is GORGEOUS! It was a very smooth ordering process, surprisingly quick delivery, and I was delighted by how safely the table was packed for shipment.”

-B. Paul, California

About the artist

When a painter makes a brushstroke on his canvas, one immediately feels the gesture, the movement, the fluidity. But is it possible for a cabinet maker to make the fiber of trees dance in the same way that a painter handles pigments?

A true explorer of the wood, Kino Guérin has developed his own molding technique to give hypnotic curves to a usually unyielding material. Not only does his furniture seem to be in motion, but it seems to be alive! With a mixture of sweet inspiration and surgical precision, Kino Guérin manages to create timeless pieces – both practical furniture and works of art. Each creation is positioned in perfect balance between opulence and humility; simply captivating. You will be enchanted by the furniture of the cabinet maker Kino Guérin, the wood tamer.

A craftsman becomes an artist the day one can recognize his work before knowing that he is the creator. Furniture maker Kino Guérin has reached this status with his breathtaking, unique and inimitable furniture. But how did this wood technician succeed in becoming an accomplished and internationally recognized cabinet maker?

Native to the beautiful region of Saguenay, Kino Guérin was trained in cabinetmaking at CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal (Institut des métiers d’art). His talent was quickly recognized. Since 1998, he has won numerous awards in Quebec. Then in 2007, he became a finalist at the NICHE Awards in the United States. For the past ten years, Kino Guérin has regularly been awarded research grants from the Quebec and Canada Council for the Arts to encourage him to continue his work. Through his creations, Kino Guérin continues to take up the challenge he embarked on at the beginning of his career: to build furniture with what seems to be only one piece of wood. The story continues…

“I like challenges. The one I gave to myself a few years ago was to create furniture with a single piece of wood. No legs added, no crossbar, no support. Truth is, there is more than one piece of wood. There are several, very thin, glued to each other so that they can be bent. However, the objective is that it seems to be only one piece."

"Beyond technique, the overall result must be beautiful, original - it has to look sharp! To achieve this, I bend this wood panel even more to give it movement. I want to give it a flowing aspect, as if the process happened on its own. Everything is a question of balance, between the curve and the straight line, between exuberance and purity."

“I want that, at first glance, we can understand the essence of the aesthetic, that it leaves us speechless at the sight of this splendid beauty, requiring no props or devices. This is my definition of perfection. I gave myself, heart and soul, to this approach. It is now my guidance. With it, I no longer doubt.””